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Gov. Hope Uzodinma- Calling Me Supreme Court Governor Means You Are Ignorant

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Imo State governor is very angry with those calling him “supreme Court Governor” .

He spoke on a television program that He was victorious through the supreme Court on a fair ground And ” I am not the first to be favoured by court”

He was asked , how do u feel when people call you supreme Court Governor, ” it is the highest hight of ignorance and stupidity and they lack respect for law. There was a reason for supreme Court. in principle of democracy, the law expectes that their will be grievances and malpractice in electoral process. When this happens the only legit means is to seek redress in court . And the court determines, this is not the first time a candidate is going to court and while will mine be different? He added .

“Imo people voted but the votes were not counted I went to the supreme Court and INEC was unable to explain how the result came about, the court said INEC you are wrong.

And after much investigation they added 388 votes Scored by me in polling unites and that shows I won the race.


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