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New ways Of Treating Cancer Without Drugs


the means of treatment which is still under experiment and has not gotten approval for human being use, this new treatment has been tested on mice where it killed about 80% of skin , breast, gastric cancer cells which is comparable to conventional chemotherapeutic drugs like Cisplatin.

The treatment makes use of a ‘trojan-horse’ nanoparticle coated with a specific amino-acid – L-phenylalanine – that cancer cells rely on to replicate.

The nanoparticle, which is approximately 30,000 times smaller than a strand of human being hair has been codenamed Nano-pPAAM by the research team domiciled at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore China. Once it finds its way into the cancer cells, Nano-pPAAM stimulates excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) production – a type of reactive molecule in the body – causing cancer cells to self-destruct while remaining harmless to the healthy cells, a press statement from the Singapore University China, announcing the results of the study.


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